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Longwear Surface Treatments quality commitment statement

The basis of a quality nitriding service is accurately controlled temperature, gas flow and pressure, combined with precise jigging to minimise, or eliminate, distortion. For these reasons, our plant was purpose designed and built. It is possible to convert some furnaces, designed for other processes, to carry out nitride hardening. At best this can only be described as a compromise, particularly not ideal with regard to process control and load jigging. As can be seen in the photo, our loads are assembled in jigs sitting directly on flat furnace bases. This allows unrestricted access for extremely precise load jigging. Once assembled, the nitriding furnace is taken to the load and lowered over it.

Quality considerations also prevail after nitride hardening. Apart from our testing procedures (see FAQ's), handling and packing are vital. As specialists, we are accutely aware of the high value of the finished component entrusted to us. Our plant and equipment is only part of the equation. Our real advantage lies with the skills of our workforce.

Testing large automotive
body forming dies
Large gear wheel

Experience and attention to detail in:

  • Preparation

  • Careful loading

  • Handling

  • Testing

  • Packaging and transporting

are all vital to the end result.

ISO 9001 certificate
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